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Responsibility and care are aspects that influence my life that I could echo into the chapter of INS. The most important lesson I have learned in my life is that responsibility is one of the major aspects to success. Being a older sister to three younger girls carries a lot of responsibility. Being a role model to not only them but other girls in my culture is one of my priorities. Being known as a role model means the most to me because it not only shows that you try your best at everything, but It shows that being your best influences other people to do the same.

I always try to be helpful to others in my community. Recently, I have taken up tutoring younger children because I love to see students learning better from my help. Outside of school, I teach you younger children the pillars and principles of the Quern. When I’m not doing those things, I work, and babysat. I Join a lot of school-based programs, clubs, and activities; so that I can temporarily myself with the school environment more and meet new people. Being a part of all these programs for school has really hon. me that I can improve myself.

After high school started it was a huge change for me. I really tried my best to keep my grades high and attitude good. Joining INS will be another way for me to push myself to do better. It will give me a chance to reach my goals and hopefully achieve them. I believe that being a part of INS will make a huge difference for me and the students FL will bring all of these qualities of responsibility and care to the program. To me education is priority, education is worthy. Education is the key to success.


I'm Mary

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