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Please accept the following essay with my thoughts on the INS principles: Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Character as my expressed interest and excitement in Irremovable High School’s National Honor Society. Everyone has something to bring to the table, whether it’s an idea, a plan, or an ability they have. Everyone also has his or her own thoughts and opinions. Are they good or bad? I’m learning that Just depends on the person who hears them. As I learn this lesson, I’m striving to be a fair person with an open mind.

In my opinion the qualities that make “fair person with an open mind” are the same principals as the National Honor Society. Being a teenager in high school, you find out who your friends are, what Job you may do later on in life, and most importantly who you really are. As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and courageously. This is how character is built. ” Like Mrs.. Roosevelt said, character is not given; it is built by your actions, choices, and experiences.

Character, like our actions, defines us. I choose to conduct myself with integrity and in ways that benefit others ND myself, act with humility, and gratitude for all of my experiences and have a positive outlook on the future. One of the most inspiring stories to me is the story of Mammal Hafiz. Similar in age, she Is known around the world and Is an Icon for “courage and hope”. She’s brought to my attention the struggle for some to receive an education and its Importance.

I lead the Marching Spartan as Head Drum Major at home football games, parades, pep band, and competitions. In ROTC, I am fourth platoon’s third squad leader. The National Honor Society wants a specific type of person In your high school, a person who brings things to the table, who show hey are their own person, who want to greater things with the world. Will ever know who that exact person Is? No, but those who have the chance to apply Like I do, can always try our hardest. Thank you for this opportunity. Mammal Hafiz.

Similar in age, she is known around the world and is an icon for education and its importance. I recognize that education is not something I should take for granted and therefore strive to do my best in my classes, and look for opportunities to learn in environments with students of similar interests and different backgrounds. Last summer my opportunities included, Blue Lakes Fine Arts arching band at community services, the service of giving back my talents, is not only something I enjoy, it’s also my responsibly.

Vie committed time to serving those less fortunate. Vie participated in Feed My Starving Children and mission work in West Liberty, KY. I look forward to opportunities of representing Irremovable High School in community activities. Leadership positions in RASH band and CROTCH. I lead the Marching Spartan as Head type of person in your high school, a person who brings things to the table, who show who that exact person is? No, but those who have the chance to apply like I do, can


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